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What is a Live Casino?

A live casino is a casino online that uses a video feed to connect you with a real dealer. This brings a more realistic element to online gaming, which is becoming increasingly popular with many gamers. This is in contrast to the standard games that use graphics and random number generators to generate results.

A video feed is sent from the dealers’ actual casinos or a studio set-up to your device. You will see your dealer in front of a screen and you will place your bets by using buttons on the screen. The results are then determined by real casino equipment such as a deck of cards for blackjack or a roulette wheel.

There are a number of exciting elements that can be added to live casino gaming to make it more fun and engaging. These can include leaderboards and tournaments, which create a sense of competition among players. They also encourage players to become more skilled in the game and can even add a level of challenge for more experienced gamers.

In addition to this, some sites also offer a variety of fun variations on popular casino games. These can include Speed blackjack, which is a variation of the classic game that allows players to increase their winnings by betting on suited cards or pairs. The popular slot machine game Gonzo’s Quest can also be played in a live casino, with players simply clicking on a spin button and watching as the reels turn. It is important to remember to always play responsibly and only stake amounts that you can afford to lose.