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DCF Interagency & Other Agreements

Resource Page: Interagency Agreement Between AHCA, APD, DCF, DJJ, DOE, DOH, GAL, OEL (2017-2022)
To Coordinate Services for Children Served by More than One Agency

Exception to Mandatory (CPT) Referral (2005)
Dept of Health memo to CPT clarifying when a child under investigation may be exempt from a CPT referral.

Interagency Agreement between DCF and DOH Sexual Abuse Treatment Program (2015)

Interagency Agreement between DCF, DOE, DJJ and APD (2019)
To Coordinate Services for Children Served by the Florida Child Welfare System

Interagency Agreement between DJJ and DCF - Data Sharing (2015)
Data sharing guidelines to allow for sharing of research data to promote enhanced decision support, data quality and services.

Interagency Funding Agreement between DCF and the Dept of Military Affairs (FY06-07)
This agreement is to facilitate the operational phase of the Florida Youth Challenge Program.

Improving Educational Outcomes for Florida's Children in Foster Care-Interagency Agreement (2007)
This report identifies the districts that have adopted interagency agreements and assesses whether the agreements include key provisions necessary to collaboratively address educational issues. The report also provides recommendations based on promising provisions and practices in Florida and other states, as well as national research and policy reports

Medical Foster Care Operational Plan (CMS) (2009)

Memorandum of Agreement Between Florida Association of Healthy Start Coalitions and DCF (2016)

Memorandum of Understanding Between the Florida DCF and Agency for Health Care Administration (2012)

Memorandum of Understanding Between the Florida DCF and The Office of the State Courts Administrator (2003)
The parties agree to create and automated system which will generate court orders & forms to be used Statewide to assist DCF & the courts in processing matters that involve dependency proceedings.

Memorandum of Understanding, Contract for Confidential Vital Records (2005)
Agreement that DCF will receive online access to birth records in the Vital Statistics database.

Memorandum of Understanding for Out of County Services (2018)
Working agreement between Florida CBC agencies to provide services to families across county lines.

Settlement Agreement Between HHS and DCF Re: ADA Section 504 (Auxiliary Aids) (2010)

System Support Interagency Agreement Between the Department of Revenue, CSE Program and DCF (2007)
The Florida On-line Recipient Integrated Data Access system (FLORIDA) supports the information needs of multiple users. The purpose of this document is to define services, level of performance, costs, and responsibilities of both agencies relating to the services provided by DCF to the Child Support Enforcement Program (CSE).

Working Agreement Between DCF, SA/MH and CBCs. (2004)
Agreement between the Substance Abuse Program Office, the Mental Health Program Office and the Child Welfare and Community-Base Care Program Office, all of the Fl DCF.